Saturday, 16 June 2012

A Royal Glimpse..

Well, my dear some of you know I have had my aunt here visiting for the last couple weeks so we have been having so much fun touring around, visiting the sites that I haven't had much time for sorting through my pictures, let alone write a blog post. I have a few minutes this morning however, so I thought I would share with you some pictures of the definite HIGHLIGHT of the week!


People, THE QUEEN!!

and Prince WILLIAM...

and the back of KATES head --ha!

DO you know how COOL this was for me!? 

I am still so excited even thinking about it!

Here are some pictures from the morning!?!

Everyone was waiting patiently - there were SO many people!!!

When she first arrived we couldn't see anything, but it was still so exciting hearing the cheers and seeing her on the big screen! How exciting knowing that she was right there and we were going to see her soon!

I thought these people, up in their offices had a good view...

Then the Queen and Prince William and Kate went into the Council House builing and climbed to the balcony and waved to everyone....

and we sang the National Anthem - what a moving moment!

And here is what I saw of Kate!

Hope you all enjoyed and are JEALOUS - ha!

Friday, 1 June 2012

*Photo Friday*

I haven't done a Photo Friday post in FOREVER! SO today I thought I would share just a few shots I've taken in the last couple weeks..just to show you a little of what we've been up to!
Hope you are all 'smashing'!!!

 It was my Mother-in-laws birthday last week so we celebrated with this cake..

we've had a few more visits with this guy..

and we have been basking in the sunshine and enjoying the nature around us!