Monday, 26 March 2012

Hope you are ALL

and if the weather near you is anything like here
how could you not be, you crazy people?
This past week I have been
basking in the sunshine
and going on many, many
Breathing that good 'ole fresh air is good for me, 
you should try it some time!

I am enjoying putting out my laundry in the mornings and in
a few hours it is dry already.
And FYI - this rarely occurs here!
I have also done a few small projects to 'pretty-fy'my house. 
First, this little centrepiece for our table, made from an old flowerpot and a fleece blanket that had holes in it.

Then I jazzed up these plain white file folders with a little bit of fabric, ribbon and a whole lotta mod podge..

Now I am (maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed) going to be in the mood to blog more.

Friday, 9 March 2012

OH Wow..

I didn't realize it was so long since I posted! I really AM out of the groove! 
Last week for my creative writing class, we had to perform the scripts for film that we had written and the teacher mentioned editing them for the next class. Well, I sat down to figure this Windows Movie Maker thing out and while Mr G sat and watched an old comedy he remembered from when we was a kid (as in, it was black and white and the voices sound a little nasal - know what I mean?), I put this little thing together. 

hmm..Maybe I should finish the assignment now:):)