Friday, 3 February 2012

Photography 101 - #1

Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to start a little series on how to take better photos for a while now and thought today would be perfect!  It's my personal opinion that a GREAT picture is one with heart and one that captures something special. Today I thought I would just write about one of the things that I've learned over time greatly improves any photo that you take..

That thing is to "SIMPLIFY".

Whenever you take a picture, just stop and think about what you want your subject to be.

THEN, only include things in your picture that emphasize or draw attention to your subject. Remove things that will detract from your subject.

A few of the ways to do this are:

1) Check your background and cut out anything that isn't important (Sometimes it's distracting if a background is too busy. However, this is when you need to think about what your subject actually is. For example, if your subject is a child at the fair, you would want to show some of the fair in the background. If you just wanted the shot of your child's face, then cut the distractions out!)

This photo was taken at a zoo with people all around, walking in front of the camera. I just stepped a little  closer and zoomed in a little bit to cut them out so they didn't distract.

2) Shoot in close and fill the frame with your subject. (Some of the strongest photographs I've seen are ones where the subject fills most of the frame)

3) Focus perfectly on your subject and blur out any other elements that aren't important.

This photo was taken on my parents deck. The background was very busy and distracting but I could'n't actually get closer at that moment to cut any more out, so I blurred the background instead!


Now go shoot some 'SIMPLIFIED' photos. 


  1. What a photographer you are! And so willing to help others with ideas.

  2. Those are all great points. Lovely captures. :)