Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Party!!!!

Yesterday was Pancake day here in the UK and I believe over the pond as well. 
So to celebrate I made pancakes for my sweet husband and moi! 
Pancakes are a bit different over here than in North America....more thin, almost like crepes! I love them!
So for dinner, we had these savoury delights...


They were DELISH!!

If you want to make your own...find a crepe/thin pancake recipe online and make a batch.

Then just fry some fresh garlic, a ton of mushrooms and some paprika in a pan.

 Then when the mushrooms are looking nice and cooked, remove from the heat, add a little yogurt (next time I will use some herb and garlic cream cheese) and stir in some fresh coriander.

Oh yeah...then put a spoonful of the mushroom mixture in a pancake, fold in half and...


OH YA!! 
and then tonight..we will be enjoying the leftover pancakes with a british filling - lemon juice and sugar (I know, sounds weird, but it is actually YUM!!!)

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