Monday, 27 February 2012


Today I've been thinking about Italy! 
For those of you who don't know, that is where Michael and I went on our honeymoon! 
It was always my dream to go there and it exceeded all my dreams and expectations! 
It was just beautiful! So beautiful..
I'm still dreaming about going back there. That is what inspired this little bit of piece of writing....

I sit in silence, the sun beating down upon my skin warming my very 
heart. There is a slight breeze sweeping over me, tiny swooshes bringing with it the smell of the bakery that is just a hop and a skip down the cobbled street I find myself upon. 
The sweet aroma of black coffee drifts up from my tiny cup and 
greets each one of my senses, like a long lost friend. 
There are few people on the street at this moment, but the ones I can see hustle about me, lost in their own worlds, not noticing the beauty that surrounds them, the beauty that I am letting soak
into my very being.

Oh, if only it were true..

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Pancake Party!!!!

Yesterday was Pancake day here in the UK and I believe over the pond as well. 
So to celebrate I made pancakes for my sweet husband and moi! 
Pancakes are a bit different over here than in North America....more thin, almost like crepes! I love them!
So for dinner, we had these savoury delights...


They were DELISH!!

If you want to make your own...find a crepe/thin pancake recipe online and make a batch.

Then just fry some fresh garlic, a ton of mushrooms and some paprika in a pan.

 Then when the mushrooms are looking nice and cooked, remove from the heat, add a little yogurt (next time I will use some herb and garlic cream cheese) and stir in some fresh coriander.

Oh yeah...then put a spoonful of the mushroom mixture in a pancake, fold in half and...


OH YA!! 
and then tonight..we will be enjoying the leftover pancakes with a british filling - lemon juice and sugar (I know, sounds weird, but it is actually YUM!!!)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Good Morning.

The sound of the morning silence surrounds me. I look out the window at the stillness of the morning. 
I see no bustling neighbour, I see no flitting bird, 
I cannot even see the grass in the garden flickering, because the breeze has not awoken yet. 
The day stretches out before me with promises I will accomplish what I will. 
A new beginning.
 A new reason to be alive. 
This is why I have learned to love my early mornings, 
not because I am filled with bliss when the alarm clock sounds, quite the opposite in fact,
 but because I have learned to appreciate this quiet time with myself and the newly stirring 
world after many hours of silent sleep.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentines Day...

from my heart to yours, My LOVELIES!

What are you doing today to celebrate this day of love??

Mr G and I are having a nice dinner tonight at home, a pre-cooked (not by me) gourmet dinner that I just have to heat and serve! Can't wait. We are also going to see THIS SHOW in a couple weeks as a treat! 


Friday, 10 February 2012

Le Grand Tour..

Hello One and All! 

As you know I have been having a bit of an inspiration problem as of late, so a sweet lady gave me a suggestion in my comments on my last post, and it came in handy because I had written this post before on another blog that I write just for my family!

So today I've decided to share it with you. 

I am going to take you all on a tour of our home so that you can see where I live and imagine me there when you think of me:)

This is our entryway,

Our bathroom (who doesn't love looking at other people's toilets?:)),

 Out of the bathroom, looking down the hallway,

The door directly ahead is our bedroom and there is a door to the right which is Michaels study/spareroom. Unfortunately at the moment, I don't have any photos of that room because it is full of boxes as I've been cleaning out cupboards and closets!

This is our room:

And our ensuite....    

Here is my looks small but it actually has tons of counterspace and storage because it is L-shaped!

The kitchen overlooks the living room....

And this is our nice stained-glass window above the french doors that look out on our lawn..

This photo is looking up to the kitchen from the living room.....

Well, there you have it ladies and gentlemen, Home Sweet Home.
I hope you've enjoyed your tour 'Beneath the Beams'.
Au Revoir for now!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Uppity Chop Sizzle Snap Pop!!

So, yeah...that title doesn't actually mean anything. I just wanted to add some zing to the BORING and BLAH pattern my last few posts have taken. 
I'm sorry, I'm just not feeling like blogging at the moment! 
I don't know why!
 I feel like I've been really busy the last few weeks, but I just haven't felt like sharing.  
Please, please help me with my inspiration.
Anyhow, I just thought today would be a random post about my daily activities!

This morning, it's a bit chilly so I got this thing going...


I need to work some more on my assignment for the creative writing course I'm taking. I have to write a script for a short film. We are going to act them out and film them at our next class!

bahhaha..Should be interesting!

Yesterday, I made these really yummy, low-fat meringue cookies (recipe to come!)! Which maybe was a bad idea - we've been munching down WAY too many!!

and while munching these delights, and in between driving the kids I help with here and there, I made these quick cards for some upcoming birthdays!
 They are SUPER SIMPLE but I do like them......

Uppity Chop, Sizzle, Snap, Pop!! 
So yeah..If you guys have any other ideas for me to blog about. 


Friday, 3 February 2012

Photography 101 - #1

Hi Everyone,

I have been wanting to start a little series on how to take better photos for a while now and thought today would be perfect!  It's my personal opinion that a GREAT picture is one with heart and one that captures something special. Today I thought I would just write about one of the things that I've learned over time greatly improves any photo that you take..

That thing is to "SIMPLIFY".

Whenever you take a picture, just stop and think about what you want your subject to be.

THEN, only include things in your picture that emphasize or draw attention to your subject. Remove things that will detract from your subject.

A few of the ways to do this are:

1) Check your background and cut out anything that isn't important (Sometimes it's distracting if a background is too busy. However, this is when you need to think about what your subject actually is. For example, if your subject is a child at the fair, you would want to show some of the fair in the background. If you just wanted the shot of your child's face, then cut the distractions out!)

This photo was taken at a zoo with people all around, walking in front of the camera. I just stepped a little  closer and zoomed in a little bit to cut them out so they didn't distract.

2) Shoot in close and fill the frame with your subject. (Some of the strongest photographs I've seen are ones where the subject fills most of the frame)

3) Focus perfectly on your subject and blur out any other elements that aren't important.

This photo was taken on my parents deck. The background was very busy and distracting but I could'n't actually get closer at that moment to cut any more out, so I blurred the background instead!


Now go shoot some 'SIMPLIFIED' photos.