Saturday, 14 January 2012

Random Randoms..

1. I am having a lucky week. I stepped foot into a starbucks when I was in town the other day and was asked to do a survey. I don't usually do surveys but I had a few minutes, so this time I did. LITERALLY about 8 questions later the guy says thank you and hands me a voucher for a free ANY-SIZE, ANY-KIND drink!  Oh, little joys.

2. I sold this handbag on ebay a few days ago! It's one I MADE...WITH MY OWN HANDS!!!  It's nice when other people appreciate something you make too!!!

3. Today, the poor sun is confused. This morning when I woke up it was grey as anything and then during breakfast the sun shone brightly. Then a poor, little, grumpy cloud decided that he didn't like the sun so he 
jumped in front of it. Now, in the past 3 minutes, Mr. Sun must have decided to fight back. He is smiling at my window as I type.

4. There is positively, absolutely, nothing better than fresh squeezed orange juice. Just sayin'...

5. I absolutely love cold, crisp, lovely winter days. 


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