Thursday, 12 January 2012

In the mood for Jewels..

For my birthday in October, my dear sweet hubby got me a full day jewelry making workshop in Nottingham and Tuesday was the day!!! 
 I had done a bit of jewelrymaking before and just figured things out myself as I went along and that went ok but I wasn't always satisfied with the tidiness of the clasps and just general neatness of things. 
I also wasn't 100% percent sure the techniques I was using were Tuesday off I hopped (actually Mr G drove me) for a day of beady wonder!  

We did a lot of simple things in the class but it was sooo fun, just to spend the WHOLE day crafting away.

I was also able to ask questions I had about technique and also learned a lot of news skills!

Yay for beads..

and for hubbies that indulge your crafty interests!

And of course, dear readers, I had to share some of the things I made with ALL of you..

Here's what I made in the class:

These necklaces, 


And then these adorable bracelets!! The pink one isn't really my style, but I LOVE the green one! So simple and pretty...

And I was still in the MOOD FOR JEWELS when I got home so I beaded these babies:


Oh and possibly my favourite of the new, adorable-if-I-must-say-so-myself keychain...

Don't you just want to drool over that camera? 

Oh, the Happiness!!!

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  1. I can't believe you made all those! I know nothing about this is very impressive! It's just the beginning, I imagine : )

  2. I love making jewelry! What a sweet hubby to do this for you! The stuff you made is super cute!!! Happy belated birthday, hope you had a great day! And as always, thanks for linking up to my blog!