Monday, 16 January 2012

Bathroom Wall Art!!!

Unfortunately, I don't remember where I saw this idea in the first place so I can't give the proper credit...
but I saw it on some WONDERFUL blog...
by some
WONDERFUL blogger....

My new wall art...made from ...drum roll please....

Old Toilet Paper Rolls...

I loved the way it turned out so much that I thought I would actually write a little tutorial for you all so you can make your own!
 It's fast (well, besides the painting), fun and you'll love the way it turns out.

1. Collect quite a few empty toilet paper rolls! My wall art took 7, but you could use more if you have more wall space to fill!

2. Measure and mark 1 inch segments on each of your rolls.

3. Cut at your pencil/pen marks until you get a pile that looks like this....

4. Take each segment and pinch each end piece gently to form what will be your petals.

5. Arrange these 'petals' to form a full flower shape.

6. With a hot glue gun, glue each 'petal' to the next one....until your flower is completed...

7. Continue to make flowers until you have the number you want, and arrange them the way you want your final WALL ART to look.

8. Glue all the flowers in place and let the hot glue dry completely.

9. Then all you need to do is spray a few coats of spraypaint in whichever colour your little heart desires....


Lovely art for any wall in your house!!!!

EASY as PIE...and CHEAP as.. Errr....GARBAGE!!!!


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  1. You did a really neat job on your tutorial...and it's a very cute idea! Love your photos! I'm new in the tutorial business, I plan on reading you photography 101 asap!!!

  2. Great job, i love it!!

    The hubs doesn't understand why I have like a billion tp rolls in my craft room, I tell him just wait and see! He thinks I'm nuts!! lol!

    New follower!

  3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I'm soooooo going to do this!!!!!! What did you use to attach them to the wall? Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog too:

  4. Such a CUTE idea, and SO fun that it reuses something we'd just throw away anyway! I think I just might try this! I wonder if I could make a little baby mobile out of the flowers? Also, thanks SO SO much for your sweet comment on our baby news the other day. You are SO sweet Hannah! :)