Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Well, we are here in Canada! This morning I am sipping on this...

While enjoying the view from our wall to wall windows....

It seems like weeks since we left England, we've been so busy settling in!
Michael started his position on Monday and  loves the people he works with so far and the place! His office has a view of the lake and the CN Tower and all of the skyscrapers, which he loves and tells me about everyday!!! We moved on Tuesday and that wasn't such a great day! We got to the building, got our key and when we came upstairs to move in, the people were still in our apartment when they were supposed to leave Monday night! We also got a parking ticket for parking in the wrong spot and when the people finally left, the apartment was FILTHY! I guess they normally clean them but we came a few days earlier than they normally let people move so they didn't this time! It was so gross I am not ashamed to admit, I was having a fit on the floor!!
My dear, dear dad and uncle brought a couch and a bed and table Tuesday night so then I felt better! I had spent four hours cleaning the bathroom (seriously, who pees on their walls?) and bedroom that afternoon so when that was completed, I felt so much better and even excited!! Its surreal that we are going to be living here for two months!
I have since cleaned the rest of the apartment so I am happier and am appreciating the views, which are awesome from our living room and bedroom ! Did I mention we have wall to wall windows?! And the whole apartment is very spacious!
I am definitely going to enjoy this experience, here in TORONTO. I haven't had time to go out and discover my neighbourhood much yet, but I do have eight weeks to go.....

Yippee YAY!!!

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  1. Oh good, I can comment now, couldn't find out how before. I look forward to your entries. Can't wait to see pictures from the view Michael has from his office. Love you both