Friday, 2 September 2011

Thrifty fun!

I have been meaning to post this all week, and well, has anyone else felt like they can't pull in the reigns on time? I have for sure!
Last weekend I got the chance to go to a nearby boot sale. This is NOT where you get glorious footwear for winter but a GIANT field filled with cars and tables and super bargains because people have decided to clear out their garages, closets and other hideously crowded areas of their homes. Lucky for me, this means excitement and deals GALORE!
Here is what I scored!

1. This beautiful cafetiere/french press for coffee. I love these things, they are so practical, brew the perfect cup everytime and are just elegant. Oh, and did I mention it was unused and only cost 50 pence (75 cents)?

2. This scarf. It's pretty. Period. 20 pence (30 cents).

3. I don't find material here often because there aren't many fabric stores around here and if I do find any, its usually pricey. I managed to find this nice navy wool for a winter skirt for £1.50 (about $2.25).

4. And lastly, I got this ceramic remington hair sraightener for £2.00 ($3.00). I love it!

Everything I got came to a grand total of £4.45 ($6.30) and I came to a grand total of HAPPY LADY!

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