Thursday, 8 September 2011

My Miracle - Part 2

If you haven't already, read this first.

After Michael's rescue his heart stopped 16 times. His temperature was 25 degrees.  The doctors told us that severe brain damage was certain and that even if Michael woke up, his personality would never be the same again.

   "and so we Michael...he is in your hands...."

Michael spent 2 weeks unconscious in a hospital in Norway and then was flown back to England. I did not go to Norway because I was told I would not be able to see him because I wasn't immediate family, just his girlfriend.  Those weeks being apart from the situation were some of the hardest in my life.  His family kept me updated and I remember the joy I felt when they told me he had woken up. He started to respond with blinks for yes and no and eventually, ever so slowly was able to move his lips to ask for things. He could not speak because he was on a ventilator machine to help him breathe.

For weeks I was so worried that when he woke up he would not remember who I was, so imagine the feeling when he asked for me!  We were so happy to have him alive and with time we saw that Michael was the same old Michael he was before his accident. No personality change, just himself.  As soon as he was back in England I went straight there. I was so nervous to see him, I can remember the sick feeling of raw nerves I felt not knowing what to expect. But when I got there, it was just Michael lying there, smiling at me.

Slowly, ever so slowly, things got better.  He slowly learned to breathe on his own again - we laugh now thinking about the times where I used to cheer when he managed to breathe 15 seconds on his own.  This accident left Michael quadriplegic and changed his life in one short moment.  He left the hospital in the summer of 2007 to begin his new life in a wheel chair.

We got engaged  December 2008....

 and promised each other forever in September of 2009...

As you can imagine, this life changing experience brought with it many, many challenges, but I am so proud to say with his good attitude and will to persevere, our life has become a somewhat 'normal' life, one that we enjoy and cherish. Michael now gets up every day, gets into a van that he is able to drive, heads off to University where he is doing a PhD in molecular sciences. What a smarty!  We are heading to Toronto this fall where he will be doing some research for Toronto Sick Kids Hospital for two months.  He also recently started up a charity here in the UK to raise money to build a hospital ward for children with spinal injuries and people with cancer of the spine.

It has been 5 years since that horrible day on the mountain, but everyday I am thankful for my very own...



  1. What a beautiful story! I'm sitting here with a lump in my throat...thank you for sharing your heart today! (Found you through The Wiegands...thanks for linking up!)

  2. oh wow. that truly is an amazing story. like REALLY amazing. i sat here and read the whole thing on the verge of tears and gave the play-by-play to my husband. thank you so much for linking up and sharing!

  3. LOVE IT! Such a sweet love story! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, I have the biggest goosebumps! I cannot believe this story! I read part one and this post. He was being watched over! I can't believe that that guy thought to look through his binoculars, that the helicopter crew went up there thinking he wasn't alive, AND that he woke up and was still him after that long of being unconscious! That TRULY is a miracle! My husband LOVES rock climbing, skiing, mountain biking, you name it and I am always so worried about him! This is the cutest love story ever, thanks SO much for sharing this and for linking up to my blog! I am going to mention this in my post today, I think everyone should read this story. So glad he is okay and that you two are happily married! :) WOW!

  5. That is amazing! YOu are an excelent writer as well. I'm glad he survived.