Wednesday, 7 September 2011

My Miracle - Part 1

Today I am writing about something very close to my HEART.
We don't always have miracles in our lives, so when we do, I believe they should be CHERISHED.

Here is the story of mine.

I met Michael two weeks before I turned 18. He was on a holiday in Canada visiting some mutual friends. We met, talked to each other, and the rest is history really.

We have been married 2 years and it has been WONDERFUL! We make each other laugh every day and we LOVE discovering new places and interests together. He is the most calm and patient person I have ever known and he makes me feel JOY everyday. 

Things have not always been so wonderful for us.

You see- Michael was a very experienced rock-climber when I met him. He started Rock climbing when he was about 13 years old. He was so, so passionate about it and any chance he got he would be out in the countryside scaling a wall or mountain of some sort.  Over the 12 years he was climbing, he became very good at it. Over time he started to enjoy different types of climbing - ice climbing and solo-climbing.

In 2006, Michael planned a trip to climb the Troll Wall in Norway. It is such a large wall, he would have to spend a full 7-10 days climbing before reaching the top. We didn't know it then, but this would be the climb that would change everything...

About a day into the climb, the rock Michael was scaling broke away from the side of the mountain. Michael fell about 120 feet. It was after the fall, when he was dangling there that my darling realized he could not move his hands, or his feet. His neck was broken and he was paralyzed. He tells me that this was the moment he accepted that this was the end for him on this earth, as it was well known that people do not get rescued off of that particular wall. After hanging motionless for 10 hours, a man who had been talking to Michael about his climb earlier that week decided to use his telescope to see how Michael's climb was progressing. When he looked through and saw that Michael was not moving, he called for help and a helicopter finally came.

The area was so dangerous that the crew were not even sure they could make a rescue because the rock on the mountain was so loose. They knew that by attempting a rescue they were risking the helicopter and ultimately their own lives. As they were all men with families and knowing the danger of the situation, they decided that each of them, individually, would go and sit and make the decision whether they would even try to rescue Michael. The decision had to be unanimous or else they would not even attempt a rescue.  The biggest decision would be made by the winch-man who would be the one to go out of the helicopter to attach Michael to the winch.

After sitting there for about an hour, trying to make a decison, one of the other men came over to him and simply said "Come on, let's go get him and then we'll all go and have a drink".
So they did.

They actually thought they were retrieving a dead body but miraculously, Michael was still breathing. These men risked their lives to save the man who is now my husband. These men put their fears aside so that my fears would not become reality. These men are my heroes.

15 minutes after Michael was pulled off of the wall, a huge avalanche of rock tumbled straight over the place he had been laying all day..if they had not managed to get him we would never have known what happened to Michael up there on the mountain..

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  1. Oh my Goodness! That is so amazing!!! And such a blessing!! Wow. So glad he is alive and well!! :) I'm coming to you from "Share your joy".

  2. OH.MY.HECK! How terrifying! How grateful I am that he is okay and you now are both married and happy! That story is out of this world. I am in shock reading it and his story really is one of survival. God still wanted him on this earth for SURE! Thanks SO much for sharing this. It is incredible! xoxo