Friday, 2 September 2011

Canadian Collision

A few months ago my hubby won a scholarship from his university to go live in a different city in the world and do some work for a different research institution there. I am proud to say he got some work at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital! This is such a great opportunity for him work-wise and a great opportunity for me because umm..I'm Canadian! Needless to say, There is much excitement around our house this week because we've recently come to the realization that our BIG trip to Toronto is coming - and super fast! In fact in exactly 1 month we will be there, getting settled into our temporary T-town abode! I was checking it out on google last night and we are going to be living REALLY downtown! This will be big change from being in an area where most of the population are sheep and you must stumble for your keys when you get home at night because there isn't much street light:)

 I am so looking forward to being able to spend time with my little Canadian critters (by this I mean friends and family) and discover the city's fun factories (by this I mean shops and towering skyscrapers). Um... Yay!

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