Friday, 19 August 2011

Twenty things...

1. I am a housewife living in England. I LOVE taking
care of our home and being a wife to my hubby.
2. I LOVE the smell of the seasons-the fresh fallen snow,
the scent of the air after the spring rain, the crisp
autumn leaves and the aroma of summer flowers.
3. I hate snobby people-there is nothing worse than people who think they are above others.
4. I have a freckle on one of my toes that I really, really LIKE.
5. I get an unexplainable horrible feeling in my neck when anyone
mentions a throat or Adams apple. Weird, I know.
6. I get a THRILL out of capturing moments of life and the world
with my camera.
7. I ADORE dill pickles-I could eat a whole jar myself, but don't,
only because it would be considered ridiculous.
8. I have claustrophobic toes. Sometimes my feet feel trapped in socks
and shoes. I need to wiggle my toes!
9. I LOVE the combination of black with a splash of colour-in clothes, in decorating. In fact, in everything.
10. I have had to start using strange british words like phonebox,
tom(ot)oes and toilet in order to be understood here, but it still doesn't
really flow out of my mouth comfortably.
11. I think big jewelry is BEAUTIFUL but don't have the nerve to wear it.
12. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of mice. I know it is irrational but I even
feel cold all over just writing about it.
13. I LOVE positive words like GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, LOVELY, HAPPY, etc.
14. I LOVE sleeping in, but don't do it that often because I also like having
more time in the morning to get things done.
15. I don't know what I would do without my WONDERFUL family.
16. I like to think I am a good FRIEND.
17. I really enjoy getting an old fashioned handwritten note in the mail.
18. I love wandering around the green hills of makes my heart joyful.
19. I sell alot of things on ebay and I get a little thrill when someone buys something from me.
20. I count myself fortunate that I get to travel quite a bit-I love seeing new places.


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  1. luckky... i want to visit England So bad! Thanks for linking up girrrl! :)