Tuesday, 16 August 2011

This past Saturday was SO MUCH fun! Not too far from where we live there is a tramway museum and every year they hold a 40s weekend! I've seen the signs and advertisements for it for a few years now and have really wanted to go! So Saturday we headed out for the day - It didn't dissappoint. Most people were dressed in 40's style outfits, there were old fashioned trams running, soldiers marching in the streets like during the war and "Winston Churchill" gave a speech! It was such an interesting thing to do..we really felt like we had been transported back in time! We had a blast!

On entry we were given a newspaper transporting us back to the same day in 1942... It told us what would be going on in town that day..

Every so often the soldiers would march by ...

It was a good thing they did because they managed to catch this german spy..

 Also, the evacuees from London arrived up here in the afternoon to be put out to families in the country and cared for..

There was a lovely lady singing some cheery music to lighten the mood a bit..

 and we managed to find some time to have coffee in the local pub..

What a delightful glimpse we had into the past! I need to keep an eye out for an outfit from some of the antique shops in town!

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