Saturday, 20 August 2011


I thought you might get a kick if I sometimes write about the 'BRITISH-ness' of life here, whether it be just to show you photos of regular places I go here that look different to North-American things, or share with you phrases the 'locals' like to use, or habits I've noticed amongst the english.
Today I decided to tell you all about a habit, you all know about, but it is BRITISH just the same.
They are big on TEA!
They are big on TEA SHOPS.
Everywhere you look, you see signs for places you can get a 'CUPPA' (this is what they call a cup of tea).
In fact, there is a tea shop up the hill from where I live and no exhaggerating, they have signs 3 miles in every direction to tell you where it is.
I never thought that I would be a tea drinker.
But I have a confession to make here and now.

I drink tea.

I no longer drink coffee.
Don't get me wrong, I am in love with the taste of coffee.
I love it a million times better than tea.
I love the smell of the stuff, the warmth, the colour, every bit of it.
I am so sad to not be able to have it anymore.
In fact I feel guilty like I've betrayed an old friend.
Here is the story.
In the last three months of 2010, I got really sick.
As in every day my tummy was in turmoil and I didn't know why...until I stopped drinking coffee...and my sickness went away immediately.
So I have been converted.
Not because of the British influence around me but because of my own silly body,
I drink TEA.
I have not been fully converted mind you, I still drink a latte now and again (probably once every few weeks).
And I don't enjoy normal black tea.
I don't understand why anyone would enjoy drinking a cup of what tastes like mud. Hot mud, in fact.
I stick to Earl Grey.

And so far, we are getting along well.

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